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Our customers deserve the best possible service; that’s why we have invested into the best possible equipment:

Reach and Wash pure-deionised water system is built into our vehicle Our water fed poles and soft brush system gives a damage free efficient result

Purified water Our system produces to a billionth per cent pure water, capable of cutting through dirt and road-traffic film, every time.

All-weather, all year round From dusty hot summers to icy winters, our water is heated to 60 degrees centigrade, meaning you can depend on us throughout the year.


We promise an excellent level of service, always:

First Cleans If it’s been a long time since your last clean, then our first visit may take considerably longer than a regular, monthly visit. We use the additional time and effort, to get your window frames, soffits and fascias looking new again, with great attention to detail – your satisfaction is our priority.

Future Cleans Once we’ve cleared the way for ongoing services, we guarantee future cleans will require much less time; meaning your bill will be lowered, accordingly.

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We provide an expert-grade window clean for your home, including all the window frames as well. We can also include in our visit fascias, soffits, UPVC doors, sills, and garage doors. For an additional cost we can also provide internal cleans, with the utmost attention to detail for your absolute satisfaction.


Our services for businesses, in addition to windows and frames, also include external gladding, metal weathered coverings, and signage. We will complete the service in a shorter time than traditional methods, and can be part of our early morning cleans, before start of business. We work to meet your timetable and business hours.


Homes with conservatories can have the windows and frames included in your regular cleaning visit. For an additional cost, we can clean the glass or plastic roof and finials ensuring all difficult areas are accessed. Our service guarantees maximum daylight for your conservatory and frames are  restored to pure white.


Increasing numbers of homes and businesses are utilising power-saving solar panels, but did you know that dirt build-up impacts on the efficiency and power output? Our pure water ensures there is no damage from harsh cleaning chemicals and your solar panels are preserved and the functionality extended.

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